Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Men's T-shirts

Men’s T-shirt with contrasting seams. Lavishly embroidered with the trademark M double spoke and BMW M logo. Material: 100 % cotton double finish.

BMW M Men's T-Shirt Antracite

M Men's T-Shirt Antracite

Stylish T-shirt with asymmetrical details. Front with laser cut appliqué and decorative seams on the left shoulder. Discreet, printed team logo. Slim fit. 95 % cotton, 5 % Lycra.

BMW Men's Fashion T-Shirt

Men's Fashion T-Shirt

Classic T-shirt, white with dark blue inserts and large dynamic graphic motif. Printed “BMW Motorsport” lettering and BMW logo appliqué. Material: 100% cotton.

BMW Men's Motorsport T-Shirt 1

Men's Motorsport T-Shirt 1

BMW Men's Motorsport T-Shirt 2

Men's Motorsport T-Shirt 2

Not just for a day on the racetrack: classic T-shirt with white half moon in the neck area. Appliqué patches with sponsor logo, number 1 and gap board motif. Printed BMW Motorsport wordmark and BMW logo on the sleeve. Slim fit. Material: 100 % cotton.

BMW Men's Motorsport T-Shirt Dark Blue

Men's Motorsport T-Shirt Dark Blue

Extraordinary replica T-shirt, inspired by F1 driver base layers, printed with the team’s and the current sponsors’ logos. Standard fit. 90 % nylon, 10 % Lycra.

BMW Men's Pit Crew T-Shirt 1

Men's Pit Crew T-Shirt 1

BMW Men's Pit Crew T-Shirt 2

Men's Pit Crew T-Shirt 2

Classic sporty T-shirt with round neckline and fashionable sleeve detailing. With subtle printed BMW lettering on the neck. Embossed metal BMW logo at the hem. Material: 100 % cotton.

BMW Men's T-Shirt Black

Men's T-Shirt Black

Baby sneaker, white with dark blue PUMA form stripe and non-slip sole. Printed with team logo and PUMA No. 1 logo. 100 % leather.

BMW Men`s T-Shirt Nick

Men`s T-Shirt Nick

Classic white business shirt with decorative seams at shoulder level, embroidered with the team logo. Standard fit. Crinkle-resistant. 100 % cotton.

BMW Men’s Business Shirt

Men’s Business Shirt

Dark blue T-shirt with stylish slogan at the front. Standard fit. 100 % cotton.

BMW Men’s Graphic T-Shirt

Men’s Graphic T-Shirt

Classic white T-shirt with dark blue inserts and red piping at shoulder level. Large team logo print on the back. Standard fit. 100 % cotton.

BMW Men’s Logo T-Shirt

Men’s Logo T-Shirt

Classic blue T-shirt with rubberised Robert Kubica logo at the front, sporty shoulder trims, and cuffs with fashionable rip closures. Printed racing number and team logo. Standard fit. 100 % cotton.

BMW Men’s T-Shirt “Robert”

Men’s T-Shirt “Robert”

White t-shirt with decorative stitchings under sleeves. Badge "08 BMW Yachtpsport" on right sleeve. Eye-catching seams. "33" embroidered on back. 100% cotton.

BMW T-Shirt Yachting

T-Shirt Yachting

Must-have T-shirt with stylised Nick Heidfeld print, plenty of racing appeal, and tonal contrast seams. Printed Nick Heidfeld lettering and team logo. Standard fit. 100 % cotton.

BMW “Nick Edition” T-Shirt (unisex) 1

“Nick Edition” T-Shirt (unisex) 1

BMW “Nick Edition” T-Shirt (unisex) 2

“Nick Edition” T-Shirt (unisex) 2

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Monday, September 29, 2008

BMW Shop Products

Like the BMW model range, the range of products in the BMW Online Shop continues to grow and grow. So that you are always well informed about brand-new textiles and accessories, we present for you on this page the latest products in the BMW Online Shop.

BMW Men's apparel
BMW Men's apparel catalogue:
 BMW Ladies' apparel
BMW Ladies' apparel catalogue:
Polos and shirts
Trousers and jackets
Caps and bonnets
 T-shirts and tops
Polos and blouses
Trousers and dresses
Caps and bonnets
BMW Kids' apparel
BMW Kids' apparel catalogue:
 BMW Toys apparel
BMW Toys apparel catalogue:
Trendy clothing
Caps and bonnets
 Kids' vehicles
BMW Bags and luggage
BMW Bags and luggage catalogue:
 BMW Bikes & Equipment
BMW Bikes & Equipment catalogue:
Business bags
Sports and travel bags
Bike equipment
BMW Golf equipment
BMW Golf equipment catalogue:
 BMW Calendars
BMW Calendars catalogue:
Golf equipment Calendars
BMW Miniatures
BMW Miniatures catalogue:
BMW Classic
Art Cars
BMW Motorsport
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