Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drive in the new BMW M3

# Make: BMW
# Model: M3, E93 M3 Con
# RegRegistered: September 2008 - 58
# Mileage: 1 miles
# Transmission: Automatic

# Body Type: Convertible - 2 door
# Finished in: White
# Type: Petrol Fuel
# Size: 4.0 Engine

BMW M3 White

BMW M3 Convertible White

BMW E93 M3

BMW M3 transmission


robbyD said...

I want it!! how much?? ... awesome! I want it!!

mari_007 said...


2008 - 58 Reg. BMW M3 E93 M3 Convertible S65 4.0

at compucars

Anonymous said...

some people just don't know how to spend money.

iloni-deea said...

its not fuckin cheaper it starts at 69,000

KhmerJokester said...

Wow. If you have that much money to get that for your beamer, why not just get a racing license and go to the track instead? The game has its limitations man... It feels better when your body's actually against your seat when you accel and when you're trying to hold your body still for a turn. Much better than a game.

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