Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st GCC race in Tollwitz, Leipzig, D

After the sensational results of the races in Italy and Austria, the first race of the Baboons German Cross Country Championship for BMW Motorrad was held at the Tollwitz Sand Pit near Leipzig. Even before the race, appreciation was shown for the fact that BMW factory rider Simo Kirssi was competing on the 2-cylinder HP2.

1st GCC race in Tollwitz, Leipzig, D
The physically highly exacting course had been extremely ploughed up by hundreds of motorcyclists in other categories, with deep grooves running throughout. Nonetheless, Kirssi got off to a successful start and geared himself towards the top ten as planned. In spite of an extremely strong field including the current Enduro World Champion and runner-up from Finland, Aro and Tarkkala, Kirssi looked like gaining 8th place.

Tarkkala, Kirssi
But Kirssi, who is particularly able to bring out his physical strength in the second half of a race, lost out on his laurels due to a small problem with serious consequences. A loose screw on the rear wheel drive forced him to make an unplanned pit stop. He was able to re-enter the race after the repair had been carried out and even caught up several places after putting on a superb chase, but unfortunately he couldn´t do better than an overall 20th in the professional class.

KTM rider Samuli Aro
Bad luck also pursued the leader, KTM rider Samuli Aro: just three bends before the finishing line he ran out of fuel and his fellow country man Marco Tarkkala won the race.

BMW Motorrad Team Offroad
The race of the GCC Series will be held on May 21st in Walldorf, before which the BMW Motorrad Team Offroad will be participating in the ACC race on May 13th/14th in Tirol.

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