Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fan & Track Accessories 2

Ballpoint pen with printed BMW Sauber F1 Team lettering, dark blue ink. Material: plastic.

BMW Ballpen Team
Ballpen Team

Ballpoint pen set with metal strap and magnets. Pens with red and blue ink respectively. BMW Sauber F1 Team wordmark and BMW logo. Material: plastic.

BMW Ballpen Team Set F1
Ballpen Team Set F1

Deck of cards with racing motifs. Players must fi nd matching pairs of cards. This deck contains 32 cards. Protective box with printed BMW Sauber F1 Team logo.

BMW Card Game F1
Card Game F1

Porcelain mug with colour race car motif and team logo near the rim. Capacity: 0.33 l. Picture differs from this year's model.

BMW Coffee Mug F1
Coffee Mug F1

Cool bag with F1 crew motif, including four drinks glasses and four coasters with racing motifs. Material: 100 % polyester. Insulating material: polyethylene foam.

BMW Cooling Bag F1
Cooling Bag F1

Drinks bottle with F1 crew motif. Aluminium bottle with sports top and a handy plastic cap resembling a helmet. Food-safe. Capacity: 0.75 l.

BMW Drink Bottle F1
Drink Bottle F1

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