Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Xenon light

Xenon light for full and dipped beam headlights.

Also known as bi-xenon lights, this feature means that both the dipped and full beams are based on xenon technology. The xenon full beam uses the existing light source of the xenon dipped beam, whose intense bluish light is created by a light arc rather than the usual incandescent coil.

Xenon light for full and dipped beam headlights

The full beam is activated in the usual way, using a control stalk. This folds away a screen located in the path of the beam that is generated by the ellipsoid-technology xenon headlight. Overall, this results in an even better visibility range and improved roadside illumination.

BMW Xenon light

At the same time, the bi-xenon headlight system using ionised noble gas consumes less energy than conventional halogen headlights and has a much longer service life.

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