Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Xenon headlights

Incorporating a light arc instead of an incandescent coil, the xenon headlights ensure particularly bright, intense illumination of the road. This means significantly greater visibility in bad weather or in the dark, an important contribution to your driving safety.

Xenon headlights

The light intensity of these headlights is more than twice that of conventional halogen bulbs, and because the xenon light system uses ionised rare gas, it consumes less energy and offers a much longer service life.

BMW Xenon headlights

To make sure that vehicles coming your way or driving in front of your car are not dazzled by this stronger light, BMW xenon headlights incorporate a projection lens which directs the light beam straight to the road. And finally, automatic height adjustment aligns the headlights to suit the load the car is currently carrying.

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