Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HP motor racing, Cervarese, I

The tremendous Erzberg victory a week before encouraged the BMW Motorrad Enduro Team Feil and its rider Simo Kirssi.

Erzberg MW Motorrad Enduro Team Feil Simo Kirssi

This high-speed success has now been followed in Italy by a top ranking which is at least as important from a racing point of view.

Italian Cross Championship Cervarese Padua

Kirssi in fact "only" finished second in the Italian Cross Country Championship race in Cervarese near Padua. However, it was actually a real victory for the HP2 Enduro and its talented rider.

HP2 motor racing

The track in Cervarese was everything but ideal for the HP2. The young local club had made every effort to set out a perfect and demanding trail through its new motocross facility: it was extremely tight, angular and including the entire motocross track with murderous table and double jumps.

flying Finn Italian motocross elite

And then the "flying Finn" conjured up a real fireworks of a performance which left spectators speechless. First of all he won the start, though he was overtaken by three riders of the Italian motocross elite who pitted all their skills against him.

BMW man Kirssi

The BMW man maintained fourth position for a while, sizing up his opponents. After about an hour`s racing time, Kirssi then launched his attack and put two of his rivals in the bag.

Matteo Rubin, Enduro World Champion 2000

The last one - Matteo Rubin, Enduro World Champion in 2000 - had already moved too far ahead by this time. In the last few laps, Kirssi?s amazing stamina took him up close to Rubin and he finished just 35 seconds behind him.

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