Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HP motor racing, Hillclimbing. Obersaxen

European Hillclimbing Championship, Obersaxen (CH)

Hillclimbing - the steeper the better! The aim is ride up an extremely steep, almost invincible hill on a motorbike. Whoever "climbs" highest wins.

Christian Pfeiffer European Hillclimbing Championship, Obersaxen

To everyone´s surprise Christian Pfeiffer rode to a place on the podium on the BMW HP2 Enduro in Obersaxen (CH) at the European Hillclimbing Championship. It was probably the first BMW which ever took part in a hillclimbing event where normally light and powerful single cylinder bikes with about 500 cc are ridden in the cross enduro class.

motor racing, Hillclimbing. Obersaxen

After Pfeiffer had successfully completed more "normal" Enduro races over the past weeks, the extremist rider thought up the extraordinary plan of taking part in the European Hillclimbing Championship. His reasoning: "The bike´s tremendous traction had always impressed me. Output is of course also very important and there´s proabably been nothing more powerful than the HP2 with 105 bhp in the offroad sector!" So he said to himself: just do it. And the HP2 really showed what an outstanding hillclimber it is.

The sceptical frowns on some of the spectators´ and participants´ faces turned to great interest as Pfeiffer climbed up to 203.4 meters in the qualification and then to 208.6 meters in the ensuing semi-final. The record from the previous years at the so-called "Sax Mountain" was 206.2 which was beaten by Pfeiffer! Only the hillclimbing specialist Lars Nonn (D) on his 450 cc all-wheel-drive Yamaha rode up higher. With his second place in the semi-final and third place in the final, where once again Lars Nonn got further, Chris Pfeiffer and his HP2 Enduro once again exceeded all expectations and demonstrated what outstanding performances this bike can deliver.

More information and results at: www.hillclimbing.ch.

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