Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HP motor racing, Mernes, Simo Kirssi

For Simo Kirssi, the winner of the Siemens/Telering Iron Road Prologue of last weekend, it´s all go at the moment. The 25-year-old Finn was already back in the saddle again only a few hours after his glorious success at the Erzberg race in Austria. Overnight Simo knocked off the 800 kilometres to Mernes near Frankfurt to arrive at 10.00 am and be on the starting grid at 2.00 pm for the 3. race of the German Cross Country series.

Simo Kirssi Erzberg race Austria

Here he pulled out all the stops again right from the start on his HP2 Enduro and rode among the first six in the first five rounds. A defective fork, however, brought the Finn´s spectacular race to a halt after only 25 minutes and he had to quit the race at an early stage. The BMW Motorrad Enduro Team Feil hit the road right away to return home quickly and get the racing bike back into shape again after the successful but deadly races at the Erzberg.

Mernes, Simo Kirssi

Simo and his HP2 will already be racing again next weekend at the 3. race of the BABOONS Italian Cross Country Championship. Near Padua the team will be on location again in full force to beat the 4. place achieved in the last ICC race and to thrill the Tifosi fans once again.

Simo Kirssi BABOONS Italian Championship

Further information and result lists at: www.german-cross-country.de.

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