Monday, June 1, 2009

M suspension technology

A reflection of their supreme performance, many M cars feature an elaborately modified axle system. A typical example in this context is the front and rear axle configuration in the BMW M3, enhanced to even higher standards for even more precise driving characteristics and control, particularly on bends.

M suspension technology

The single-joint spring-strut front axle with anti-dive excels in particular through its very strong connection to the car's body. Not only the new spring-strut supports, but also the extremely stable aluminium track control arms have been reinforced once again.

BMW M suspension technology

A new feature is the aluminium thrust plate, which channels forces into the body of the car even more consistently over a large surface. This enhances body stiffness and significantly improves both steering behaviour and driving stability. The modified central arm rear axle, in turn, rests on two track control arms and one longitudinal arm fitted at a central point on the body of the car.

tuning M suspension technology

An additional V-arm leads down from the rear axle to the floorpan, again providing an even stiffer connection of the rear axle and the bodyshell. All these features together ensure the outstanding steering precision offered by the M3.

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