Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Six-cylinder engine

BMW's six-cylinder engines are famous for their refinement, their impressively smooth and high-torque performance and their sheer efficiency - in short, they are the perfect power unit for all classes of automobiles.

BMW six-cylinder engine

Their superiority is the result of the perfect interplay of their individual components.

Six-cylinder engine

They possess four-valve technology with a central spark plug unit, a feature which enables the cylinders to fill to best effect and thereby establishes the basis for increasing power and torque.

BMW Six-cylinder engine

The Digital Motor Electronics (DME) regulate and monitor all important functions such as ignition and fuel injection, and they guarantee the best possible performance.

6-cylinder engine

Double-Vanos, double variable camshaft control, delivers optimum valve regulation and fuel dosing, and it sees to it that torque values are impressive at all engine speeds.
BMW 6-cylinder engine

Needless to say, fuel consumption and emissions drop considerably thanks to these engineering innovations.

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