Monday, July 27, 2009

HP motor racing, Iron Road Prolog, 2

The 1,500 contestants of the previous day turned the track into a nightmare. Toughest conditions for the riders as well as for the bikes - not to mention the dust that got even worse.

HP motor racing,  Iron Road Prolog, 2

Would the King´s Class winner Giovanni Sala be able to strike back and defeat the young Fin Simo Kirssi in today´s 2nd run? Or would the young generation take over? All three HP2 Endurists had splendid runs - skillfully powerdrifting the bikes through the hairpins and up the hill.

Giovanni Sala vs Simo Kirssi
Giovanni Sala (ITA) vs. Simo Kirssi (FIN)

Everybody waited excitedly for the official results. In the meantime the top-riders of the event showed their best tricks to the gathered crowd.

Jimmy Lewis HP motor racing
Jimmy Lewis

For Stunt-Champion Chris Pfeiffer the laws of gravity didn´t even seem to apply any longer, performing breathtaking wheelies during an extremely steep hillclimb.

Simo Kirssi HP motor racing
Simo Kirssi

No wonder that there were numerous requests for autographs afterwards! Again, the BMW Motorrad Instructor Team took part in the event as well - with a lot of fun - and also highly successful: In the Desert Bomber category for 2-cylinder-bikes 2 instructors made the Top-Ten. On their 100 % production R 1200 GS Enduros!

R 1200 GS Enduros BMW Motorrad

Responsible for the best news of the day was again the young Fin Simo Kirssi. Despite the tough conditions he reached a fabulous 9:02,67 min. - even two seconds faster than his time in the first run.

young Fin Simo Kirssi
A time noone else was able to beat. So Congratulations to Simo Kirssi, the overall winner of the Iron Road Prologue 2005!

Simo Kirssi winner Iron Road Prologue
Jimmy Lewis also improved his time - by unbelievable 20 seconds, which put him on third overall, right behind the Erzberg-Legend Werner Müller (KTM).

Erzberg-Legend Werner Müller HP
Chris Pfeiffer´s fifth place overall and places 1, 2 and 3 in the Desert Bomber class turned BMW Motorrad´s first official appearance at the Erzberg into a complete success.

Chris Pfeiffer HP motor racing
Sometimes one cylinder simply isn´t enough!

BMW HP motor racing champion
The complete result lists overall and of all single classes can be found at

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