Sunday, February 14, 2010

HP motor racing, German Cross Country

The second race of the German Cross Country Championship in Walldorf turned out to be a great offroad show for all the attending fans. The record figures for the Walldorf race were: more than 600 racers and over 3000 spectators at the Walldorf woods ride.

HP motor racing, German Cross Country
The MSC Walldorf showed its gratitude by organising a fantastic event and preparing a true challenge in tough-going terrain where Simo Kirssi and his HP2 Enduro crossed the finish line in a great eighth position.

German Cross Country Championship in Walldorf
On Saturday thunderstorms and endless rain created some really dramatic situations in the muddy woods. On Sunday, too, the conditions still proved to be extremely difficult for the professionals? race.

BMW Motorrad  Motorsports Berti Hauser
The racetrack had dried off a little so the race management permitted a full-distance race. BMW Motorrad Head of Motorsports Berti Hauser, who also took part in the race on Saturday, said: " Whoever manages to complete even one lap here has already proved he is a true enduro rider. This shows once again what a great racer Simo Kirssi is to ride 12 laps without any problems at all."

rockhard motocross section
Like clockwork Simo rode the HP2 over the tight, root-covered, extremely steep inclines and let the BMW really fly on the rockhard motocross section of the approx. eight kilometre-long race track.

KTM riders Samuli Aro and Marko Takkala
The beefy yet easy-to-controll engine power of the HP2 Enduro was also well exploited by the BMW guest starter Gerhard Forster in the technically difficult sections. "The seemingly endless grip with which the BMW climbs up the steepest hills is simply amazing." Behind the victorious KTM riders Samuli Aro and Marko Takkala (not listed in the championship), the battle for the top ten raged and Simo Kirssi managed to ride to 8. place directly behind Aprilia two-cylinder rider Lars Nonn. Gerhard Forster rode to a good 21. place in the semi-professional class.

Jimmy Lewis USA pro Chris Pfeiffer
From Thursday to Saturday the spectacular Speedhill race will be held on the legendary Erzberg "ore mountain" in Styria where Dakar veteran Jimmy Lewis/USA and stunt pro Chris Pfeiffer will be reinforcing the HP2 Team.

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