Monday, February 15, 2010

HP motor racing, Höchstädt, D

The 3rd race of the GCC at the ADAC Motodrome turned into a heated battle. The track with its infamous and technically demanding forest section combined with the classic Motocross section demanded everything of the more than 500 participants.

classic Motocross Motodrome

Organiser MSC Höchstädt did everything it could to keep the dust under control as well as possible at temperatures of over 30 degrees, but the heat and the difficult track caused many to drop out from sheer exhaustion.

BMW rider Simo Kirssi
BMW factory rider Simo Kirssi caused a stir: he started by getting away from the start in second place and staying in the top five on the early laps.

motor racing, Höchstädt, D
After 40 minutes of racing time he then had clutch problems due to the extremely work forest passages with its roots and stones and had to reduce his speed somewhat.

Finn Kirssi
In the second half of the race, the Finn started to suffer from the effects of a ´flu from which he had just recovered two days prior to the race: normally a miracle of stamina, his strength started to wane. Nonetheless, Kirssi gave his all and finished in an impressive 9th place.

Arnaud Demeester France
The race was finally won by last year´s overall winner of the series, Arnaud Demeester from France.

ex-Motocross rider Sascha Eckert
Several times German Enduro Champion and ex-Motocross rider Sascha Eckert was in the factory team as a guest for the first time and achieved an outstanding 12th position in the professional class to crown what was a highly successful appearance in Höchstädt. Kirssi now holds 9th place in the overall championship rankings

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