Saturday, February 20, 2010

HP motor racing, Mühlhausen, D

Conditions were perfect for the penultimate heat of the German Cross Country series in Muhlhausen near the city of Erlangen.

German Cross Country series
After emerging from the Le Mans heat in second place, the spectators? favourite, Simo Kirssi wasted no time in showing the crowd what he was made of.

Simo Kirssi BMW HP2 Enduro
On board his superior performance BMW HP2 Enduro, he had plenty of opportunities to turn the throttle right up, on a course that was half classic motocross and half a special-class skills test for Enduro riders.

special-class Enduro riders
For a good few laps, he was even able to hold off the attacks of the cross-country champion and runner-up, Samuli Aro and Marco Tarkalla from Finland.

Samuli Aro, Marco Tarkalla
Sascha Eckert, three times German cross-country champion and second team rider on the HP2 found his feet more quickly, although this was only his third race on a Boxer Enduro.

Sascha Eckert cross-country champion
His aggressive riding style stood him in very good stead indeed.

Simo Kirssi vs Sascha Eckert
At the end of the race, Simo Kirssi, who was forced to undergo a rear wheel change in the middle of the race due to sponge rubber damage, finished 9th, while Sascha Eckert made it to 11th place in the first professional class.

BMW HP2 Sascha Eckert
Sascha Eckert: ?Once again it was great fun to take the HP2 through its paces with its perfectly coordinated power distribution for two hours.

big jumps motocross section
I have managed to improve considerably in the big jumps in the motocross section.

Enduro World Champion E2, Samuli Aro
The overall winner of the race was the guest rider and Enduro World Champion E2, Samuli Aro.

ACC Championship Mattighofen, Austria
The next heat is set for next Saturday at the final of the ACC Championship in Mattighofen, Austria.

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