Sunday, February 21, 2010

Simo Kirssi on the HP2 Enduro

Simo Kirssi on the HP2 Enduro

3 October 1979 in Helsinki, Finland

First steps
Rode in his first motocross race at the tender age of 10.

His support
His parents and two siblings.

His vocation
Professional rider since the age of 21.

His passion
Offroad biking. The wilder the better.

Always at the limit
During his military service, he served as a motorbike scout in a fighter battalion.

Fights won
1st place Erzberg Rodeo Prologue
2nd place Italian Cross Country
2nd place European Cross Country
BABOONS honorary award for the most spectacular 2005 cross country racing season.

Winner of the German Cross Country Series 2004.

Clear goals
Simo Kirssi loves a challenge. That is why he would like to rise to the top with the HP2.

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