Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sequential M Gearbox Drivelogic

Featuring the second-generation Sequential M Gearbox Drivelogic (SMG Drivelogic), the M3 comes with a high-performance drive concept combining the benefits of the impressive transmission technology used in Formula One with all the requirements of everyday motoring.

Sequential M Gearbox Drivelogic

SMG enables the driver to adjust gearshift characteristics by means of 11 driving programs (six sequential, five automatic) to their personal style of motoring, ranging from reserved but dynamic all the way to ultra-sporting.

BMW Sequential M Gearbox Drivelogic

Paddle switches on the steering wheel (the driver presses the one on the right to shift up and the one on the left to shift down) reduce the time required for shifting gears to just 80 milliseconds. The shift signal is transmitted in two ways: electronically, by wire; redundantly, simultaneously and in two parallel modes, just like control systems deployed in the aerospace industry.

Sequential M Gearbox BMW

An electrohydraulic system performs the mechanical clutch engagement and gearshift process. Power is transmitted like on a standard M3 via a self-adjusting clutch (SAC) and BMW's six-speed gearbox, as featured in other M automobiles. Numerous special functions such as the uphill gradient and acceleration assistant or shift lights are also incorporated into the Sequential M Gearbox.

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