Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sequential Manual Gearbox

BMW's Sequential Manual Gearbox is based on the conventional manual gearshift. It possesses one particular innovation however: not only is there a regular gearstick, but two switches or paddles on the steering wheel enable drivers to change gears, up and down, without even so much as taking their hands from the wheel.

Sequential Manual Gearbox

The gear change process is sequential - none are skipped over - and not by simply selecting one particular gear as is the case with conventional systems. Precision hydraulics ensure that gear changes are completed in less than 150 milliseconds; the driver does not need to use the clutch or ease off the accelerator.

BMW Sequential Manual Gearbox

Three programs are available: normal manual, sporting manual (for faster gear changes) and the cruise mode (automatic gear changes without manual input). The Sequential Manual Gearbox eliminates inaccurate gear changing and the accompanying irritation of grinding gear cogs.

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