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HP motor racing, Malandrone-Livorno, I

At his Italian Debut in Malandrone at Livorno, Simo Kirssi gave a perfect show a la Italia with his HP2 Enduro. If the numerous Italian riders and spectators were still sceptical about what a 2-cylinder bike had lost in this race before the start, at the second race of the Italian Cross Country Championship (ICC), this scepticism changed quickly into pure enthusiasm. Numerous cross-country fans could be observed intensely gesticulating to share the news with their friends even during the race. Then, relatively quickly after the race had started, there was basically only one bike that attracted any interest: the HP2 Enduro. You couldn´t help feeling that lots of spectators at the track had only come because of the appearance of the new BMW.

Italian Cross Country Championship
Simo Kirssi fought an inspiring duel for the lead in the first three laps with Matteo Paoletti, the Italian Enduro champion. But the latter soon had to accept the fact that Kirssi and the HP2 were simply faster on this day. And thus, the flying Finn went into the lead with his BMW for the first time during a cross-country race this year. In the meantime, he had continuously extended his lead to about a minute. "Finally I could do as I liked and showed what the HP2 was made of ", said Simo after the race.

Kirssi HP2 Malandrone-Livorno, I
It was unfortunate that bad luck struck again. After three quarters of the distance had been covered, a stone whirled up damaging an electric cable of the fuel pump. The consequence: The engine only ran on one cylinder. Kirssi decided to continue riding despite power loss. "If I had ridden to the pits, I would have lost far more time." As a result, the likeable Finn was not able to stay in the lead until the end of the race, but still managed to gain fourth place in the overall assessment.

Kirssi HP2 Enduro in Malandrone
After the finish, the HP2 Enduro together with its swift rider were surrounded. Kirssi had to give many autographs; proving that BMW and the young rider has captured the hearts of the Tifosi by storm. "I have never experienced so much warmth as in Malandrone", said Simo, who was really taken by the openness of the Italians.

HP motor racing, Malandrone-Livorno
The track in Malandrone was hard, dusty and well open and had more of a motocross character; which, in turn, proves the versatility of the HP2.

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