Friday, July 24, 2009

HP2 Enduro Engine

The 1200 cc flat-twin engine of the HP2 Enduro offers excellent engine characteristics for sporty off-road motorcycling: slightly modified for increased power, with gently delivered and easily controllable power in every situation, a torque level which is always over 100 Nm and available across a wide range, and a low centre of gravity: this means absolute off-road capability with impressive performance.

BMW HP2 Enduro Engine

Due to the fact that a balancer shaft has not been used, the engine turns even faster and with greater sporty flair than that of the R 1200 GS. As is characteristic of the flat-twin engine, it allows jerk-free riding without clutch support even at the very lowest engine speeds, with the engine management system providing optimum idle-speed control.
The result is an engine which will enable you to meet any challenge.

Air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke flat-twin engine, one camshaft and four valves per cylinder

Bore x stroke:
101 mm x 73 mm

1170 cc

Rated output:
77 kW (105 bhp) at 7000 rpm

Max. torque:
115 Nm at 5500 rpm

Compression ratio:

Fuel preparation / engine management system:
Electronic intake pipe injection/digital engine management: BMW-K with overrun fuel cut-off, dual ignition, exhaust gas purification.

Additional engine specifications:

* Use of Super Plus fuel (98 RON), anti-knock control also allows use of premium fuel with 95 RON
* No balancer shaft
* Significantly weight-reduced exhaust system
* Reinforced gearbox output shaft

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