Friday, July 24, 2009

HP2 Enduro Details

The HP2 Enduro is full of practical details which make riding over any terrain a unique experience and ensure that even exciting situations can be confidently mastered.

BMW HP2 Enduro Details

It starts with the Brakesnake – a safeguard device which prevents branches or stones from coming between the footbrake and engine and impairing their function.

Salvage bars
Then there are the solid salvage bars – designed at the front as a headlamp fixture, at the rear as pillion passenger grasps: these allow the HP2 Enduro to be recovered in any situation.

Fuel tank
The fuel tank in semi-transparent plastic with markings at 5 and 11 litres provides simple and fast feedback on the current fuel level.

Hand protectors and protective elements on the engine, cylinder and gearbox give this motorcycle even greater robustness - as befits its use.

An adjustable footbrake ensures excellent ride comfort in both seated and standing position, and the bike’s perfect ergonomics are supported by an adjustable handlebar clamp. For off-road use, registration plate holders and indicators are easily removable.

Conclusion: the HP2 Enduro – developed with passion by professionals for professionals.

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