Friday, July 24, 2009

HP motor racing, Reisersberg-Passau, D

Following his sensational start on the HP2 Enduro at the German Cross Country opening race in Leipzig, BMW rider Simo Kirssi is a top contender for a place right up front in the European XCC series. The 25 year old Fin lived up to this claim by riding to 14. place on April 23rd in Reiserberg at the first race of the Austrian Cross Country Championship (ACC), the Austrian equivalent of the series.

HP motor racing, Reisersberg-Passau, D

"The bike showed how very easy it is to handle. You feel you`re always in control, even in extreme situations", said Simo Kirssi before the race which he then confidently started into aiming to use his experience gained in Tollwitz.

Austrian Cross Country Championship

At the start the young Fin got off very well and was able to work his way forward in the first three rounds. In fifth position, however, a flying rock damaged the fuel supply of his HP2 Enduro and forced him into the pits. Simo: "At first I didn`t even know what had happened but suddenly the bike had no more power and I headed for the pits." The damage was quickly discovered and repaired.

HP2 Enduro Championship

Simo went back into the race 20 minutes behind. Places at the top were now out of the question but the dedicated Fin gave everything he had. After a spectacular chase he battled his way forward to 14th place overall. What is especially remarkable is that Kirssi`s lap times remained virtually constant for the entire 2 hours of the race. The last lap was even his fastest: "The HP2 gives you a relaxed feeling even after 2 hours of racing. Especially the superb suspension simply irons everything flat".

German Cross Country race

Simo has quite a few things planned for the next German Cross Country race on May 1st in Walldorf: "To finish among the first 12 on the HP2 Enduro would be fantastic," says the likeable Fin.

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