Sunday, May 31, 2009

Automatic air conditioning

As well as climate comfort, BMW automobiles offer optional CFC-free automatic air conditioning with a wide range of features. Automatic air conditioning allows separate temperature adjustment for the driver and front passenger, automatic air distribution and air volume control, separate ventilation in the front (with temperature control) and rear, and has a microfilter to clean the air.

BMW Automatic air conditioning

Further features are the residual heat function, auxiliary ventilation, air outlets on the B-columns, and a temperature-controlled storage box in the central console. There are several additional features to the enhanced automatic air conditioning: separate automatic air distribution and air volume control for the driver and front passenger, temperature-controlled ventilation at the rear, an exterior filter with a layer of active carbon, a solar sensor and car/key memory for the fan and temperature settings.

This sensor measures the angle of the sun's rays entering the car, enabling the automatic air conditioning to reach the optimum temperature quickly and maintain it at a constant level.

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