Sunday, May 31, 2009

Digital Motor Electronics

Digital Motor Electronics (DME) control, monitor and mastermind all central functions such as the car's ignition and fuel injection, as well as numerous ancillary functions such as the oxygen sensor. A range of factors that influence the engine's performance are detected and measured by sensors.

Digital Motor Electronics

The collected information is assessed by a microcomputer which then regulates the ignition and fuel injection accordingly. The DME sensors monitor a large number of variables, including engine torque, air intake, air temperature and density, speed, the temperature of the water in the cooling system and the position of the choke valves or accelerator.

BMW X3 with Digital Motor Electronics
As a result, DME guarantees optimum power and performance at low fuel consumption and emission rates, as well delivering maximum reliability. The world's very first DME appeared in the BMW 732i in 1979.

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