Sunday, May 31, 2009

HiFi Individual High Audio System

The HiFi Individual High Audio System in the BMW M5 is based on the HiFi Professional DSP System and comes complete with a 14-channel amplifier and 290 W overall output: 4 x 25 W from the subwoofers, 4 x 25 W from the woofers, and 6 x 15 W in the medium/tweeter range. Volume and frequency can be adjusted perfectly for each DSP amplifier channel.

HiFi Individual High Audio System

A two-way coaxial system consisting of a subwoofer/woofer and a tweeter loudspeaker is fitted in the lower door area at the front, each of these loudspeakers featuring a top-quality, kevlar-reinforced high-tech membrane. The same loudspeakers are then also fitted on the left- and right-hand side of the rear window shelf, with two woofers installed in double coils beneath the air vent grids in the parcel shelf area.

BMW HiFi Individual High Audio System

Measuring 215mm or 8.5" in diameter, these woofers are equipped with a hexacone membrane offering supreme stiffness and low, compact dimensions thanks to its special honeycomb structure. This ensures particularly crisp and natural reproduction of all bass sounds.

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