Sunday, May 31, 2009

HiFi Professional LOGIC7 System

Incorporating 13 loudspeakers, the HiFi Professional LOGIC7 System ensures supreme playback of all audio formats and takes the surround sound effect to an even higher level. Seven subwoofers, four tweeters and two woofers (central bass concept) provide an incomparable experience in sound.

HiFi Professional LOGIC7 System

The tweeters and subwoofers measuring 100mm or 3.94" in diameter feature aluminium membranes with an additional ceramic surface on the tweeter domes. Six subwoofers are arranged on the left and right in the front and rear doors and the rear window shelf, while one loudspeaker is located right in the middle of the instrument panel.

BMW HiFi Professional LOGIC7 System

The two bass loudspeakers measuring 217mm or 8.54" in diameter are located beneath the left and right front seats. This central bass concept ensures symmetrical distribution of low frequency sound within the occupant cell. With the high-performance woofers being connected acoustically to the side sills, the hollows space inside these sills is used to provide particularly impressive sound volume.

A further advantage of this concept is that luggage compartment capacity remains the same, the linings and panels do not vibrate in any way and the reproduction of bass sounds is virtually free of any distortion.

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