Sunday, May 31, 2009

Electronic throttle butterfly control

Replacing the mechanical cable connecting the gas pedal and throttle butterflies, electronic throttle butterfly control works by sending an electrical signal to the engine management with every movement of the accelerator. The system requires a mere 120 milliseconds to open the throttle butterflies in full, about the same time it will take a skilled driver to press down the accelerator.

Electronic throttle butterfly control

This allows the driver to apply engine power with greater precision and ensures particularly smooth, vibration-free motoring, above all at low engine speeds. Optimally-timed ignition and valve opening, the ideal throttle butterfly position and volume of injected fuel also serves to optimise consumption and emissions control.

BMW Electronic throttle

A further important point is that electronic throttle butterfly control enhances driving safety by automatically applying a program in the event of a dangerous mechanical defect, such as the throttle butterflies inadvertently being placed in the full load setting.

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