Sunday, May 31, 2009

Head-Up Display

The Head-Up Display represents an important contribution to enhancing drivers' comfort and all-round safety when travelling. A camera unit within the dashboard projects an in image onto the inner surface of the windscreen where the driver can see it clearly. This image displays information relating to the car's performance, and because it appears to be at the tip of the bonnet, drivers do not need to take their eyes from the road to look at the instrument dials.

Head-Up Display

The image on the windscreen displays the speed at which the car is travelling; arrows indicating directions supplied by the navigation system, or driver assistants such as Active Cruise Control and the Check/control can be added as well. Measuring some 20 x 10 cm in size, the projection is clearly visible be it sunny or dark, or if a wet road surface is reflecting the headlights of oncoming traffic. The brightness of the image can be varied: your personal setting is stored by the Car/key memory.

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