Sunday, May 31, 2009

BMW Assist

BMW Assist is a telematics service which enables drivers to call up information on their cars' on-board computer monitor and find out about the local sights, theatres and museums, as well as about opening times and ticket prices.

BMW Assist

The navigation system helps when searching for a hotel: it displays information about a hotel's rating, prices and number of beds. In addition, it provides reliable information about the current traffic conditions wherever you are. When triggered by an impact, the airbag sensors automatically send an emergency call which contains the automobile's location to the relevant rescue service.

BMW Assist telematics service
In the event of a breakdown, drivers simply choose BMW stand-by services in the menu and a BMW Servicemobile is dispatched straight away. Drivers can also access interesting tips and offers from BMW dealers by activating the "BMW information" menu entry.

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