Sunday, May 31, 2009

Driver and front passenger airbags

If the force of an impact exceeds a predetermined threshold, the sensors of the driver and front passenger airbags trigger the inflation of the airbags within a fraction of a second, significantly reducing the risk of cranial and upper body injuries in the event of a head-on collision.

Driver and front passenger airbags

The two-level gas generator enables the airbag to be inflated to match the strength of the impact. In a more serious accident, an infinitesimal delay in activation ensures that the airbags inflate with their full force to protect the car's occupants even better. During a less severe collision, inflation is not as instantaneous, meaning that the airbags can cushion the occupants more "gently".

driver and front passenger airbags trigger

In all accidents, the generator's performance is gauged in such a way that nobody in the automobile comes into contact with the steering wheel or instrument panel. The front passenger airbag does not inflate if the passenger seat is empty, reducing the replacement and repairs costs after the accident.

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