Sunday, May 31, 2009

M double-Vanos

M double-Vanos (double-variable camshaft control) significantly improves the torque curve of the six-cylinder petrol engine. Valve timing both on the intake and outlet camshaft is adjusted to the power and torque required of the engine as a function of gas pedal position (load-related) and engine speed. And all this is done with infinite, diagram-controlled precision.

M double-Vanos

M double-Vanos requires very high oil pressure (approx. 80 - 120 bar) in order to adjust the camshafts as quickly and precisely as possible. This ensures supreme torque at low engine speeds and equally impressive output at high speeds.
The engine's idling qualities, in turn, are improved by the reduction of unburnt residual gases, and special engine management maps for the warm-up period enhance the efficiency of the catalytic converter.

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