Sunday, May 31, 2009

Car-key memory

Car memory allows you to program a range of individual settings and features in your car. For example, whether the dipped headlights should be switched on automatically when you start the engine, or whether the headlights are to remain on after you have locked the car ("Follow me home" function).

BMW Car key memory

To do the latter, all you have to do is operate the light flasher to keep the headlights on for up to 40 seconds after you lock your BMW. With the key memory, the system automatically codes specific electronic functions on the driver's personal key: these settings are reactivated by remote control the next time you open the central locking. This returns the driver's seat to your favourite position (only available in conjunction with seat memory function).

Car-key memory BMW

Similarly, it can set the automatic air conditioning to the interior temperature and air distribution you selected last. Key memory is provided for two keys and can cover up to four drivers and their individual settings, each driver being "recognised" by his or her personal key.

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