Sunday, May 31, 2009


iDrive is an innovative control concept allowing the driver to use their car in an intuitive, interactive manner. The driving functions are separated from the comfort functions and as the number of switches and control units is reduced to a minimum, the driver is hardly distracted from traffic conditions.


To allow the driver to concentrate in full on road, all major driving functions such as the ignition starter switch, the start/stop button and the control switches are arranged around the steering wheel. Comfort functions such as the controls for the automatic air conditioning are in turn located in the middle, within direct reach of the driver and front passenger.

BMW iDrive

All the comfort functions can be operated intuitively with one hand using Control Display and the single input unit, the Controller.

iDrive innovative control concept

All functions are subdivided hierarchically into primary (e.g. radio volume, windscreen wipers and cockpit temperature) and secondary functions (e.g. fuel consumption display).

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