Sunday, May 31, 2009


ConnectedService is the ground-breaking service concept incorporated in the BMW 7 Series. It is built around the Condition Based Service (CBS), an intelligent car maintenance system that enables the automobile to recognise itself when certain parts need to be seen to.

BMW ConnectedService

All car data relevant to maintenance are collected and evaluated and then sent to the Control Center. This is a control unit that analyses the figures and logs other important data such as the brake's degree of wear.

BMW 7 Series ConnectedService

This information is then stored at regular intervals on a chip in the key, along with general data about the car (model, chassis number, colour and upholstery code) and information pertaining to its servicing (mileage, license number, oil levels, etc.).


The key is therefore the interface between the automobile and the BMW dealer, who can access the stored data with a special KeyReader. Owners of a BMW 7 Series can read this information on their Control Display, under the "On-board data" section.

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