Monday, May 18, 2009

BMW 1 Enterior equipment

BMW M leather steering wheelBMW 1 Start-Stop button engineBMW 1 Cruise control

M leather steering wheel (diameter 369 mm), three spokes, optionally with multifunction buttons for remote control of radio/telephone (optional). With manual transmission, the M gear lever knob comes with the M emblem. The appurtenant handbrake lever and bag are in Walknappa leather.

Start/Stop button to start the engine. Insert the radio remote control unit into the ignition switch, and you can then start and stop your BMW simply by pressing this button.

Comfort access system to open, start and close the vehicle without having to reach for the radio remote control unit. The engine can be started without a key.

Cruise control stores and maintains a desired
speed above approx. 30 km/h (activated using the left-hand steering-column stalk). After accelerating, the vehicle automatically returns to the previously stored speed. Braking cancels the setting.

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